BEQSoft Remote Assistance  v.2.6

BEQSoft Remote Assistance assists users to view, diagnose, and, if needed, take full control to resolve any problems on a remote computer. No matter how far the specialist is from the client, BEQSoft Remote Assistance works.

Remote Assistance Helper  v.2 53

Remote Assistance Helper was created to eliminate the need to keep track of each name by presenting the IT professional with a real-time list of machines that are available on the Domain or Workgroup.


Steam Assistance  v.1 2

Steam Assistance is a program that can make your steam gamesmods visible in Windows(TM) Vista7 game explorer in few clicks. A new and powerful software that you can get it for free on yours computers.

Insurance Emergency assistance  v.

Ever wanted to contact your agent or insurer in case of emergency. This is the app for you. Insurance emergency assistance tracks your location, saves the required info and you can use it during emergency situations. The main feature of this

Article Assistance  v.1 5

Rapid Writing mindmap -- shows you how to crank out good content in minutes 3 simple ways to tweak your content for MORE traffic and higher search engine rankings Need a freelance writer?

Image Outline

Create from your images in a simple manner image contours which are suitable for childrens painting books, as templates for window painting, for comics or as templates for embroidery pictures. The program provides assistance by searching edges. Once

BBeap  v.5 6

Services provided by EAP, or Employee Assistance Program workers, can be complex.

SADA  v.4. 1. 1950

Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) is free software that incorporates tools from environmental assessment fields into an effective problem solving environment.

Mingleview  v.2.2

Mingle View is a free peer-to-peer (P2P) remote desktop sharing and control based application which enables remote assistance and hosting of online meetings and presentations with friends, family and colleagues at work no matter where you are.

Java Remote Desktop (jrDesktop)  v.

Java Remote Desktop (jrDesktop) is a cross-platform program for remote desktop control, remote assistance and desktop sharing. jrDesktop is useful for home networking, helpdesk, system administration and collaboration.

Goverlan Remote Control Software  v.7.01

A Remote Control Software truly engineered for IT Professionals with unique features such as Citrix and Terminal Services Session Shadowing, Data Center Monitoring, Video Recording and Remote Assistance over public networks.

Technical Documentation Copy+Paste Kit  v.2013

When writing a user manual or online help file, this kit provides you with those things that your text editor, help authoring tool, or content management system doesn't provide: the know-how and guidance to create high-quality user assistance.

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